Will the Photo Facilitator be teaching the lesson?

No. The Photo Facilitator is a photography professional who visits your class as a guest to orient the assignment and give feedback on student work.



How important is the Lines of Communication activity?

The Lines of Communication activity is an important part of the project intro. We have found that classes that skip this activity have lower overall engagement with the assignment.



Is critique a necessary element of the assignment?

We strongly recommend that regular peer and teacher critique be integrated into the assignment, as this is an excellent practice for strengthening student work, as well as developing students’ visual literacy. Whenever possible, we also suggest showing work by professional photographers to inspire students’ ideas and approaches to image-making.



Do I need to do the assignment as a graded project?

We very strongly urge you to grade the assignment. Classes that have done the assignment as an extra credit or an optional project have not been as successful. Teachers need to create their own grading rubric.



What level of class is the assignment best for?

The assignment works best for intermediate and advanced students. Beginning photo students can also participate, but we recommend it as a spring project. It is not recommended as a required assignment for AP students.



Can students not enrolled in a photography class also submit photos?

Yes. Students interested in submitting photos directly can contact us at info@workingassumptions.org.



Can I submit my own photos?

Yes. Teachers are encouraged to participate in the assignment along with their students.



Will my students' work be featured in an exhibition?

Exhibition opportunities for students include:

Student exhibitions and publications: Teachers and/or students are invited to apply for wrkxfmly grants to fund exhibitions and other projects showcasing student works.

Showing (work x family) exhibition: We may include outstanding student photographs in our traveling exhibition.

Working Assumptions website: Student work from the wrkxfmly Archive will appear in future projects, with special highlight opportunities for outstanding work.



What kinds of schools are participating?

Participants include public and private schools, as well as independent youth photography programs.



I teach a class other than photography. Can we participate?

No. Participation is limited to photography classes at this time. We do not offer assistance teaching technical photography skills. Our aim is to support students in deepening existing creative visual practice. Students making related photos are welcome to submit them to us for consideration and can contact us at info@workingassumptions.org.



Is there any fee for schools to participate in the assignment?

No. The wrkxfmly assignment and Showing (work x family) are projects of Working Assumptions, a nonprofit organization.



How many photos should each student submit?

One to ten.



Can my student use mobile phone cameras to complete the assignment?

Yes. Please shoot at as high a resolution as possible. Please note that student using low-end phone cameras will be at a disadvantage in the selection process, since these cameras often produce soft or low-res images.



Can my students submit video?

No, we are not considering video submissions at this time.