Assignment Details


Working with the Photo Facilitator

Each teacher will be assigned a trained Photo Facilitator, who will visit the class to work with students either in person or by video conference. Our facilitators are experienced photography professionals with connections to education and sensitivity to working with high school students. Some of our facilitators are photographers whose work is also included in our exhibition.

The Photo Facilitator will be in touch with the teacher to set up an individual kickoff meeting or call to determine a schedule and outline a process for working together.

Teachers are responsible for leading the assignment with their classes and should create their own grading rubric. The Photo Facilitator visits your class to give an introduction, give feedback on work in progress, and participate in a final critique.




We will not reproduce any student work without permission from the student and/or a parent/guardian (if the student is not yet 18). We provide a use agreement and release forms for adults and minors, which the teacher is responsible for returning to us.



Parent/Guardian Information Sheet

The Toolkit includes an information sheet to help answer parent/guardian and administrator questions about wrkxfmly, Showing, and Working Assumptions.



Use Agreement

The Use Agreement is a legal document that gives us permission to reproduce a student’s photograph in our project. The student retains the copyright.

If appropriate for your classroom, we strongly encourage you to collect use agreements at the outset of the assignment. If some families are uncomfortable with signing the agreement in advance, the form may also be signed once the assignment is completed. Signed use agreements should be submitted with student work.



Release Form

The release form is a legal document signed by the subject of a photograph to give the photographer permission to use his or her image. While many photo classes already practice the use of release forms, we request that you use our customized form for this project. Use either the adult or minor release form.




  • We will not share student information with any other organizations, individuals, or other entities.
  • Students may choose to be credited by their full name, initials, a pseudonym, or anonymously.
  • Students who do not wish to submit their work for review will still benefit from participation in wrkxfmly.


Submitting Photos


Each student should submit at least one and not more than 10 photographs, along with accompanying statements or expanded captions.

  • We recommend students and teachers make a loose edit, submitting more work, not less.
  • Image and text files must be properly named with the student’s name and school or they will not be considered.
  • Example: “Smith_Jane_Berkeley High_01” or “Smith_Jane_Berkeley High_statement”
  • Photos should be submitted in TIF or JPG format. Statements should be submitted as Word or Google docs.
  • Do not submit: PDFs, slideshows, Flickr pages, websites, blogs, or files over 200MB.

It is very important for students to shoot at the highest resolution possible. (JPEG-Large or an equivalent camera setting). We also recommend that students not shoot in RAW unless they are advanced and know how to process this file format. If students are processing their images in PhotoShop, images should be saved at the original file size, with minimal or no compression.

Please make sure your students know that their original, high-resolution digital files and negatives are very important and should be carefully saved.

File Sharing

The Photo Facilitator will set up a Google Drive folder for the teacher. The teacher will need to fill out a Google sheet with basic information about the participating class(es). Teachers are responsible for uploading student image and text files to Google Drive. If Google Drive isn’t accessible at your school, we can set up an alternate system.

We cannot review images from blogs, Flickr, or SmugMug.

Hard copies such as negatives and prints can be shipped via FedEx at our cost.


Our curatorial team will review all student work, and we will be back in touch with you regarding selected work and permissions.

All selected work is included in the wrkxfmly Archive.

Outstanding work is recognized with the wrkxfmly Award for Excellence. The students who create this work receive an award certificate, and their work is considered for inclusion in our exhibition.



Exhibition Opportunities + wrkxfmly Grant

We welcome your ideas for student exhibitions and offer a grant, open to teachers and students, to support such opportunities. Participants are encouraged to submit creative proposals to showcase student work, whether through zines, exhibitions, websites, or other formats.




After the critique, students and teachers complete a short online survey about their experience of the assignment.