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Work with us!


  • Sponsor or provide financial support for our exhibitions, the wrkxfmly Assignment, or higher education programming

  • Exhibit the Showing (work x family) installation at your organization, institution, gallery, museum, or workplace

  • Fund new photo commissions and research

  • Fund grants for students and teachers

  • Participate in our wrkxfmly Assignment for high school photography classes

Questions? Please email us at for more information.

wrkxfmly Grants

Students, teachers, and organizations participating in the wrkxfmly Assignment are invited to apply for grants from Working Assumptions. wrkxfmly grants support students in sharing work made for the assignment through exhibitions, publications, or events.

Examples of possible exposure opportunities include:

  • A series of printed posters to hang around your school or community

  • A reception with photo students and their families

  • An artist talk at your school by one of the Showing photographers or curators

  • An exhibition in a gallery or other space at your school

  • An exhibition at another venue in your community

  • A zine or other printed piece

  • An exhibition in conjunction with another school doing the Assignment

  • An online project

Projects should showcase the work of the entire class, not just certain individuals. Any work to be published in print or online must have a signed use agreement from the author. Be creative and come up with ideas that are realistic to accomplish and will be a good fit for your school.

Who can apply?

Teachers or students who are doing the wrkxfmly Assignment, or administrators from participating schools and programs. Students applying for the grant need to have a faculty advisor who will co-sign the application as a responsible party from the school.

How to Apply

Download and complete the application form—describe your project and what it will take to make it happen as fully as possible. Email the application to We will review applications on a rolling basis as they come in. Submit your application as soon as possible so there’s enough lead time to do your project if selected.


Please contact us with any questions or for guidance in the application process: