wrkxfmly is a multiweek assignment for high school photography students that expands the Showing (work x family) story to include unique and important perspectives of young people from diverse communities around the country. 

In the assignment, students create pictures and write statements addressing the overlap of work and family in their own lives. We encourage students to think about broad definitions of family and work. Their photographs are then considered for inclusion in our wrkxfmly Archive and alongside professional work in the Showing exhibition.

The wrkxfmly assignment is supported with a lesson plan and a robust Toolkit with optional teacher and student resources. A trained Photo Facilitator from our team visits each school to introduce the assignment and returns to provide feedback on student work.

We are currently selecting schools to participate for the 2018–19 school year. We welcome high school photography classes at public and private schools, as well as independent photography programs.

Are you a high school photography educator interested in participating? Go to the Teacher Portal to access the wrkxfmly Toolkit and lesson plan; let us know you'd like to participate by filling out the form below; or contact us if you need more information. 

Original curriculum developed by Kim Campisano and Apollonia Morrill and the wrkxfmly program was launched and managed by Apollonia Morrill, former associate director from 2013-2017.


My perspective on how my parents work completely changed after this project.
— Jazmin G.

I guess I never knew what my parents were doing for their jobs, not just their careers, but also taking care of us. Now I can understand them better.
— Yokki C.

The wrkxfmly student experience video screened at the Family Values @ Work Conference hosted by the Ford Foundation in 2015. It includes photos by participating students, as well as their words, voiced by Youth Radio participants. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with my students on this project was seeing them approach storytelling in a very personal way. The process of slowing down and observing the home/work dynamic made them conscious of much that is easily lost in busy day-to-day distractions. Many students talked about the fact that the project made them think about how hard everyone was working and the need to make more time for each other.
— Issa Sharp, director of education, Venice Arts

wrkxfmly Grants

Participating teachers and students are invited to apply for grants to fund projects that showcase student work created in the assignment. Learn more.

wrkxfmly Photo Facilitators

Joanne Miller
A visual artist, photographer, and educator Joanne weaves key environmental issues into the art and nature programs she develops. She has teaching certifications in both arts integration and STEAM education.


George P. Perez
George is an emerging artist who explores new ways of viewing photography and finds interest in the mundane. In January 2018, he completed a residency at the Children’s Museum of Denver, where he created a collaborative art piece for the museum’s permanent collection. His photographyhas been exhibited in the Denver area and nationally and he has led teen outreach programs for RedLine, PlatteForum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, all in the Denver.


Alice Proujansky
Alice is a documentary photographer interested in women and labor; e.g. birth, work, motherhood, and identity. She teaches photography through Aperture On Sight, and her book Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids was published by Aperture Foundation in 2016.


Brandon Thibodeaux
Brandon creates portraits in the documentary tradition and explores life in the American South. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications, as well as numerous exhibitions around the country. Brandon’s monograph When Morning Comes was published by Red Hook Editions, Brooklyn, in 2017.


wrkxfmly Participating Schools

  • Algonquin Regional High School
    Northborough, MA
  • Alhambra High School
    Martinez, CA
  • Amphitheater High School
    Tucson, AZ
  • Berkeley High School
    Berkeley, CA
  • Catoctin High School
    Thurmont, MD
  • Centaurus High School
    Lafayette, CO
  • Charles O. Dewey IS 136
    Brooklyn, NY
  • The College Preparatory School
    Oakland, CA
  • Concord Carlisle High School
    Concord, MA
  • Dawson School
    Lafayette, CO
  • DeKalb High School
    Waterloo, IN
  • Denver Academy
    Denver, CO
  • DuVal High School Academy of Graphic Arts, Media, and Communication
    Lanham, MD
  • Eastside Community High School
    New York, NY
  • Elkton High School
    Elkton, MD
  • Ensworth School
    Nashville, TN
  • Fairview High School
    Boulder, CO
  • First Exposures
    San Francisco, CA
  • Flowing Wells High School
    Tucson, AZ
  • Fort Worth Country Day
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Fort Worth Southwest High School
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Framingham High School
    Framingham, MA
  • Frisco High School
    Frisco, TX
  • Green B. Trimble Technical High School
    Fort Worth, TX
  • High School of Fashion Industries
    New York, NY
  • Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Hume-Fogg High Academic Magnet
    Nashville, TN
  • James Logan High School
    Union City, CA
  • Jefferson High School
    Daly City, CA
  • The John Cooper School
    The Woodlands, TX
  • La Cañada High School
    La Cañada Flintridge, CA
  • Las Fotos Project
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Lincoln High School
    San Francisco, CA
  • McCallum High School
    Austin, TX
  • Newark Memorial High School
    Newark, CA
  • Paschal High School
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Poudre High School
    Fort Collins, CO
  • Richard R. Green High School of Teaching
    New York, NY
  • Saint Paul Academy
    Saint Paul, MN
  • Salem High School
    Salem, MA
  • Santa Rosa High School
    Santa Rosa, CA
  • School Without Walls
    Washington, D.C.
  • Skyline High School
    Oakland, CA
  • Southside High School
    San Antonio, TX
  • Tucson High Magnet School
    Tucson, AZ
  • University School of Nashville
    Nashville, TN
  • The Urban School
    San Francisco, CA
  • Venice Arts
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Walden Grove High School
    Sahuarita, AZ
  • West High School
    Bakersfield, CA

wrkxfmly Award for Excellence 2016–2017

  • Jocelyn Ahorrio
  • Daniel Olson
  • Andrea Abrego
  • Neha Achaibar
  • Dana Aguilar
  • Melissa Alvarez
  • Mickey Archuleta
  • Crystal Arroyo
  • Leone Asatoorian
  • Emma Ayers
  • Sara Gracie Baker
  • Ramon Balderrama
  • Leah Barker
  • Jessye Bautista
  • Angela Berry
  • Wilhelmina Blake
  • Molly Blankenship
  • Alexandra Blanter
  • Madeline Bookout
  • Haleigh Bowling
  • Rebecca Bradley
  • Charlie Bright
  • Lucy Buchanan
  • Allison Budde
  • Katie Bynum
  • Elysse Caballero
  • Isis Caldera
  • Luna Calderon
  • Marison Carreron
  • Johanna Casey
  • Molly Cassady
  • Abigayle Castillo
  • Cole Castillo
  • Gabrielle Chase
  • Hannah Clough
  • Eliza Coffin
  • Gabriela Coronado
  • Patrick Cox
  • Christina Crites
  • Luz Cuevas
  • Silvia Curiel
  • Amurri Davis
  • Jeffrey Day
  • Daniela de Leon
  • Morgan DeHoyos
  • Lauren Desarden
  • Lilia Destin
  • Luke Dickie
  • Camille Diemer
  • Zoe Donovan
  • Wesley Dutton
  • Lauren Eckhardt
  • Madelyn Espaillat
  • Jane Estrada
  • Samantha Fabian
  • Lacy Faith
  • Zachery Farias
  • Seirra Fike
  • Andrea Flores
  • Celeste Flores
  • Giselle Flores
  • Allexus Frazier
  • Daniel Fuelling
  • Brent Gangwish
  • Darren Gao
  • Lesley Garcia
  • Ethan Garrett
  • Miyah Gaston
  • Emily Genga
  • Victoria George
  • Camila Gomez
  • Madeleine Gonzalez
  • Emma Goodman
  • Fiona Gormley
  • Madi Green
  • Jasmine Gresham
  • Lorraine Gutierrez
  • Logan Harrison
  • Jackson Harstead
  • Kallum Harvey
  • Yajaira Hernandez
  • Katie Jo Hibbs
  • Olivia Hickey
  • Cheyenne Hill
  • Sarah Hillebrecht
  • Rukie Hoyt-Rouse
  • Danyel Hueyopan
  • Ethan Hughes
  • Justin Hyon
  • Audrey In
  • Gregory James
  • Brynn Jaspersen
  • Jaycie
  • Jessica Jewell
  • Wendy Jiang
  • Alana Joseph
  • Sonya Kalara
  • Caitlin Kang
  • Emerson Karsh-Lombardo
  • Kayla Kelley
  • Jenna Kelly
  • Mary Sarah Kensora
  • Heeryung Kim
  • Rhiannon Kirby
  • Laura Kontoules
  • Raquel Kuperus
  • Jordan LeBlanc
  • Jaime Ledesma
  • Tonia Lee
  • Shae Lengua
  • Evelyn Leon
  • Mikey Lerian
  • Amanda Li
  • Rebekah Lipman
  • Kayla Littleton
  • Henry Lyons
  • Zoe Lyons
  • Zoe Macy
  • Soham Makani
  • Claire Manno
  • Andrea Manqueros
  • Dafna Margalit
  • Olivia Marlar
  • Samantha Martinez
  • Xitlali Martinez
  • Yailine Martinez
  • Hayley Maskell
  • Y. Massoudi
  • Ailish McAndrew
  • Brenden McCormack
  • Cameron Melillo
  • Blanca Menchaca
  • Erinn Miller
  • Ashley Mihm
  • Emily Mitchener
  • Vicente Montez
  • Celine Moradi
  • Christopher Morillo
  • J. Moscoso
  • Sydney Mullaney
  • Arielle Mumm
  • Zachary Napier
  • Chantel Negron
  • Jayleen Negron
  • Kate Nolan
  • Brett Nowlin
  • Nneamaka Nwaigbo
  • Garbriella Oh
  • Brianna Olmos
  • Alondra Ornelas
  • Mia Orrick
  • Gloria Ortiz
  • Zach Palmer
  • Katherinne Peña
  • Evelin Perez
  • Caroline Perkins
  • Olive Pfeiffer
  • Kyle Pfromer
  • Jack Plurkowski
  • Janie Pritchett
  • Lizbeth Ramirez
  • Maia Ramirez
  • Elsa Ray
  • Jenny Reed
  • Calista Reese
  • Hayden Relyea
  • Elizabeth Rice
  • Mackenzie Rice
  • Nimsy Rivas
  • Molly Robbins
  • K. Rogers
  • Abigail Roser
  • Nate Rowe
  • Ali Saleemi
  • Saliamonas
  • Yared Sanbet
  • Katie Sanchez
  • Daisy Sargeant
  • Larissa Sass de Oliveira
  • Kaija Scheuerman
  • Emily Schuerman
  • India Scofield
  • Heather Scotti
  • Victoria Segovia
  • Rachael Shek
  • Clara Small
  • Kate Smersfelt
  • Mariah Smith
  • Patrick Stachniak
  • Jemma Stewart
  • Olivia Strauss
  • Jason Sun
  • Joie Sun
  • Katherine Taft
  • Maria Tand
  • Liberty Tow
  • Hannah Valenzuela
  • Paula Villegas
  • Jackson Weirick
  • Scott Wheeler
  • Riley Widener
  • Kayla Wiggs
  • Campbell Wolford
  • Brian Wolhaupter
  • Annemarie Wood
  • Kayley Wood
  • Eleanor Yeomans
  • Yasmina Ziani-Paredes
  • Bonnie Zimlich
  • Naomi Zuniga